Catastrophic - A Fiasco Podcast

S1E12 - Episode 7A Coup Clucks Con

This week we find ourselves in a nice quite southern town. There's only one Movie theater, a racist history, and a conman just rolled into town. Dramatis Personae: Cricket Adair: Owner/Operator of the only movie theater in town. Used to be a pageant girl, and best friends with Buck Fullerton: Heir to the Fullerton Fortune, owner of some pretty racist paraphernalia and about to be conned by Cary Hoff: Traveling conman and former beauty pageant judge

S1E11 - Episode 6B - Hotel Badger

Things get worse at the Manna Hotel? Who would have guessed it! More Badgers are on the loose, Mystical powers are loosed, and there might be a fire!]]>

S1E10 - Episode 6A - Hotel Badger

This week we find ourself just outside of Manna Kansas at the Manna hotel. It's a little run down, but I'm sure everything will work itself out in the end. Dramatis Personae: Edward J. "Bubba" VanLanningham III: Senile owner of The Manna HotelEddie VanLanningham IV: Bubba's harried son and manager of the Manna HotelDr. Lisa Caldwell: The town's only Doctor, who printed up her very own degreeJim "no swear" Hatley: A criminal staying at the Manna Hotel who Dr. Caldwell convinced to steal a badger. Also appearing:Nathan, "The Badger Whisperer," and Hannah, "The Manna Hammer," teenagers who both work at the Manna zoo.

S1E9 - Episode 5B - James Cameron's Ice-Capades

In the thrilling conclusion of Last week's Episode, there's more than one way to have a dead seal. Also James Cameron is a corpsicle. ]]>

S1E8 - Episode 5A - James Cameron's Ice-Capades

This week we find ourselves on The Ice, or MacMurdo Antarctic Station. A very important person is on their way, but they're late! There will be booze, conspiracies and a dead seal! Dramatis Personae: Sven : Overworked personal Assistant to Mr Cameron. Natalie Donovan: The only competent person on the station, tasked with preparing for the arrival of Mr. Cameron Michael Hunt: He "works" in the science station. Mostly he avoids paperwork. Bertram Kelly: Maintenance staff at Mactown, on the search for The Truth.

S1E7 - Episode 4B - Jade Helm

This week is the thrilling, and very sad, conclusion to last weeks episode set in 1930s Los Angeles. There will be monkeys dressed in suits!]]>

S1E6 - Episode 4A - Jade Helm

This week we take a trip back to 1936 Los Angeles, where the sun is shining and dreams are crushed. In the first act we encounter a seedy nightclub, a pastor's wife, a jewel encrusted "adult novelty" and the first of many sloe gin fizzes. Dramatis Personae: Fenway McCahill A.K.A. The Revolver: Performer at a local burlesque owned by Warren Hollowell: who also happens to be a deacon at his church where he knows Obedience Johnson: the Pastor's wife. Also sister to, and partner in crime of Matthew Stevens: turned away from the church even as his sister grew closer to it, and eventually fell in love with and married Fenway

S1E5 - Episode 3B - Kristmas Kaffeeklatch

It's the trilling conclusion to our first ever Christmas special. The box of sex tapes is unwrapped but things only get weirder from there. And be on the lookout for the return of that baby we made fun last time!]]>

S1E4 - Episode 3A - Kristmas Kaffeeklatch

With our third episode ever, it's time for our Christmas special! It's a pleasant time in Poppleton, a suburb of the mid 90's (Yes you read that correctly.) It's time for the annual neighborhood gift exchange and somebody brought a box of homemade adult entertainment. What could possibly go wrong? Stay tuned for next week's installment when we find out.]]>

S1E3 - Episode 2B - White Hole

Here's the final act of our game. Spoiler alert there are guns, thumbs and escape pods. Dramatis Personae: Oscar Bluth: Recently escaped space prison George Blueth: Loves space pizza Nadia Forrest: Getting off this thing, no matter what Steven Chenowski: Crusin' for a brusin

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