Catastrophic - A Fiasco Podcast

S1E6 - Episode 4A - Jade Helm

8 years ago

This week we take a trip back to 1936 Los Angeles, where the sun is shining and dreams are crushed. In the first act we encounter a seedy nightclub, a pastor's wife, a jewel encrusted "adult novelty" and the first of many sloe gin fizzes. Dramatis Personae: Fenway McCahill A.K.A. The Revolver: Performer at a local burlesque owned by Warren Hollowell: who also happens to be a deacon at his church where he knows Obedience Johnson: the Pastor's wife. Also sister to, and partner in crime of Matthew Stevens: turned away from the church even as his sister grew closer to it, and eventually fell in love with and married Fenway

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