Catastrophic - A Fiasco Podcast

S1E2 - Episode 2A - White Hole

We're splitting this episode into two parts, released a week apart. Not everybody has the time to put three hours of audio into their earholes. This time we're Playing the White Hole Playset by Rafael Chandler. Dramatis Personae: Oscar Bluth: Imprisoned in space for a crime he did not commit George Bluth: Oscar's brother, low ranking officer, committer of crimes. Nadia Forrest: Aid to a cultural diplomat, abandoned by her boss, witness to George's crime Steven Chenowski: Security officer, in cahoots with George to steal a bunch of stuff. As always Fiasco is published by Bully Pulpit Games, and if you like it you should probably buy it.

S1E1 - Episode 1 - Snakes are Lame

Welcome to our very first episode! Here on Catastrophic, we play Fiasco the best role playing game on the planet! Dramatis Personae: Brett Steel: Anchorman at Large Heather: Put-upon Producer Chuck McShane: Glorified Stagehand It's little Billy's Benefit concert with his favorite band. Action News Team Six is there to cover it! But the lead anchor has been fired, the producer hates everybody and the guy who runs the venue has lost a very large number of snakes. Everything will be fine. Fiasco published by Bully Pulpit Games, and this week's playset News Channel six is written by Chris Norwood, Ken Coble, and Tom Gurganus.

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