Catastrophic - A Fiasco Podcast

S1E10 - Episode 6A - Hotel Badger

8 years ago

This week we find ourself just outside of Manna Kansas at the Manna hotel. It's a little run down, but I'm sure everything will work itself out in the end. Dramatis Personae: Edward J. "Bubba" VanLanningham III: Senile owner of The Manna HotelEddie VanLanningham IV: Bubba's harried son and manager of the Manna HotelDr. Lisa Caldwell: The town's only Doctor, who printed up her very own degreeJim "no swear" Hatley: A criminal staying at the Manna Hotel who Dr. Caldwell convinced to steal a badger. Also appearing:Nathan, "The Badger Whisperer," and Hannah, "The Manna Hammer," teenagers who both work at the Manna zoo.

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