Catastrophic - A Fiasco Podcast

S1E20 - Giant Sized Catastrophic - The Vortex and His Superteam

7 years ago

We're back! This episode was recorded back in October (I think?) and I'm just now getting around to posting it. It's a crossover episode with Kevin's other Podcasts! From Bad Philosophy we have Stephen and from Unprepared we have Jesse. And we have Katherine, because she's always here. Also I'm not splitting it into halves, because you've already waited this long. (hence the "Giant sized") Also also the audio quality is worse than normal because I accidentally recorded through my computer instead of my microphone. I did put the computer on the table to keep it away from my cat, so that helps. Dramatis Personae: Senator Dipson: A straight laced senator in Pinnacle city, who is rivals with The Vortex: A mysterious super villain, about to premier his newest super weapon, along with is sometimes sidekick Lifty: An alien disguised as human, with the power of mass-limited telekinesis, she doesn't know that the only other surviving member of her race happens to be her coworker Lifterman: Who shares a workspace and powers with Lifty, and is secretly the adopted brother of Senator Dipson

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